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Romance of Dana Scully and Fox Mulder between their bodies and minds and thus all about that henceforth ----------->

Scully's hair is long and beautiful you get a great view of her forehead. It kind of bugs when she won't believe but then Mulder softly reinforces that he knows he sounds crazy but its all real and you really start to feel the bromance budding between these two soldiers... aliens---> To lead you astray from the romance theres a really important story about teens getting abducted and having vampire bites which solidifies the infamous vampire-teen/alien-teen link of 1992. Then... in the middle of the deep night... they hug... and its awesome... and they tell each other their favy bedtime stories including that faggy one about Mulder's sister. Just kidding its not even that faggy. Her panty and bra set glow ploudly in the warm candlelight but its just a fluke due to she needed Fox to inspect her teen vampire bite thats really a mosquito bite which foreshadows to me in my own mind about that bee that interrupts Mulder and Sculler from making love in that one movie. The best part is when they lose time (9 mins) and you see them freeze in time and its f-ing romantic looking as all hell. Really gets you a little bit wet on your foot/appetite area 51.

Deep Throat
Mulder drags Scully into an investigation concerning a disappearance which makes her so angry she says 'come on Mulder!' Its very intense. I had forgotten this side of Scully. teen appearances by seth green and some other red headed fool who make out and watch these marfa light type things in the sky that mulder believes are based on ufo designs. some kind of reverse engineering deal. they look really good like chris carter was personally moving 2 pieces of hanger wire with puffballs on the tips. anyway seth green and mulder pretend that the burgers are ufos. scully runs really fast like a young school girl. her hair looks awesome in a little pony tail with light tendrils as she makes a phone call. mulder sees a real ufo that looks so amazing and then gets beat for being too investigative. scully rescues him, not really, its pretty ridiculous but a turn on nonetheless. theres this new guy who likes to watch mulder pee. hes gonna start giving mulder information about stuff but hes kind of a dick pussy cause he cares about his job more than the truth or whatever.

Scully is developing her indoor/outdoor curl. Her curl is getting harder indoors and shape shifting, depending on the situation. The dad from grounded for life plays a chump who has his own indoor curl as well. Working with this chump leads Scully to the ultimate realization that she indeed belongs with Mulder. Mulder has already known this for an episode or even before the series began. When she directly confronts him about being posessive he directly but gently pulls her necklace which his hanging near her nipples. its a definite no no but they like it. then theres this stretch arm strong freak who flies out of vents. he grabs scullys high water khaki encrusted leg with white sock and pump. mulder rescues her. they feel each others vibes so strong now that they know where the other one is. eyes like twins they have.

A girl gets abducted from her trailer home in the woods. During the investigation, Mulder talks to a burly bartender who has a really cute, green flying saucer tattoo. Mulder pretends like he doesn't believe in extraterrestrials so the guy shows him his gnarly ear that got burned off and abducted while he was napping with his motorcycle buddies in the night. The girl who got abducted has a little bro who keeps channeling 1's and 0's through the tv. When they get entered into the computer classical music midis and other fancy stuff comes out. Scully totally fucks up when she alerts the officials about shit cause they ransack the girls trailer and then her mom gets tots burnt out on speaking the truth. Scully is still angry and in denial that paranormal is real, as in, "what does this mean to me, Mulder?" and "she's dead, Mulder" and "stop looking for your sister, Mulder!" and then Mulder cries it sucks. But sometimes it just takes eight years of seeing ufos and freaky monster shit to finally believe. fuck yeah. But if it wasn't for Scully, Mulder might not have noticed that when you put all the binary numbers together a giant picture of the missing girl appears.

Jersey Devil
Mulder gets a leak tip from a homeless man about an animal man who calls the woods his home and eats families that drive by. Scully is not that into it so he makes her drive home alone. They miss each other. Mulder suspects Scully is going on a date. His premonition is accurate. She goes on a date with some dude from the bureau who's totally wrong for her. She looks beautiful as she rebels against accepting that Mulder is her life now. As the aforementioned Mulder continues to probe his detailed sketch of the killer, he realizes that maybe its not a man beast after all... it's a lady beast, according to the prominent boobies in the aforementioned drawing. Whilst Scully is daydreaming of Muldereth, the lady beast mounts Muldereth in a darketh warehousest. "Did you see her Scully? She was beautiful." Scully contemplates her growing jealousy but since the lady beast gets killed she eases off. Mulder grieves and harrasses the local police force. In conclusion, Dana Scully realizes that Fox Mulder is the one for her - after somehow forgetting that she already realized that in the last episode. Thus after teasing Mulder flirtily about not having a life, she ditches the bureau date and asks Mulder on a date to continue investigating x files with him.

A sad office lady is trying to pack up and take off but everywhere she goes these office men are mean to her and everthing quivers and they die. Scully thinks there's a killer on the loose. Mulder, on the other hand, believes that the lady (who I recognize from Wings ?) has a protective energy around her that kills office men. And he's right. He yells at Scully for ruining his big opportunity to witness spectral phenomena but then he does in fact get to witness spectral phenomena and he shouldn't have yelled at Scully. That's what I think. Anyway, the fact is, the lady's boss was murdered by the office dude for knowing about their evil scheme to arm terrorists and now he's a violent spectre, a poltergeist office man.

This episode is basically the previous episode with a computer instead of a lady. Stuff happens... Scully looks good.

Scully and Mulder head to the arctic with a team of scientists to investigate a missing crew. They had killed each other. An ancient organism inside the ice samples they dug up invaded their brains and made them kill each other. Scully realizes all this by performing a tiny autopsy through a microscope. Everyone wonders whose brain is invaded and wants to kill them. Scully goes in a room with Mulder to check his body and touches his bare back bone. The paranoiacs outside gossip that Mulder is going to convince Scully that he's all good. They're right. It didn't take much convincing. A lady scientist tries to eat Scully. Scully evades her. They try to remove the worm from the ladies brain. Scully and Mulder survive and go home together.