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RL Stine himself

RL Stine was interviewed for CSPAN book tv and they asked him how did he write so many kick azz books and he said that he just writes the same book over and over again. <3!! "This is the most exciting part of this for me," Stine says. "Those kids that write to me and say, 'Dear R.L. Stine, I've read 30 of your books, 40 of your books...' Those kids aren't just reading, they've developed a reading habit which I hope will last them for the rest of their lives." Stuntin is a habit! The rest of your life!! Its twue@#!!

First Date 'Thats when he always kills them'
Like a lot of girls on Fear Street, Chelsea is shy, awkward and chubby, but her best friend is hot. She is desperately horny. Basically dying for a date. But all of a sudden shes got two steaming guys after her body type. The only thing is that one of them wants her dead. Dead! I could tell because every other chapter some dude is talking about how he wishes he would die and how great it feels to kill and how bad he wants to do it some more like especially on a first date. Is it the nice looking one or is it the one whos from the crappy side of the train track and has got that one chip on his shoulder? Unpredictability is not this books main attraction but the writing is so strong that it doesnt even matter. 9/10. (Body Count=1)

The Snowman
The snowman is this guy from out of town who is mainly totally hot. He keeps coming into Heathers work and ordering whole burger meals and sodas with no money and its really starting to turn her on. When she asks why hes called snowman he says 'cause im ice cold' and raises his hand for her to slap him a five. Next step after hi five is date so they go on a date. Even though she already has a boyfriend. And when her boyfriend finds out, she has the galls to tell him she wants to date them both. Then someone dies. Then theres weird snow play or something. Well, not that weird, pretty normative actually. This read started out with good laughs but then its just whatever. 7/10. (Body Count=1)

The Hitchhiker
These 2 girls are driving around Florida to spend time with strange boys. Christina is really wild and blonde and Terry is really nice. She thinks shes chubby but her mom says she is full bodied. " 'He was a total wimp' Terry insisted. 'Not total' Christina said. Both girls laughed. 'Well what about him?' Terry asked impatiently. 'I forget.' More easy laughter." The wild one picks up this hitchhiker because hes really fine (see to the left for yourself). But he keeps having violent flashbacks. Then on the radio theres talk of a dead trucker and all signs point to you know who. The flirting scenes are really dynamic and you never know whats going to happen. Bob really pulled a one over on me this time. 9/10 (Body Count=3)

Spotlight on a Fan
Jerry's favorite author is RL Stine. I am very proud to be her friend. She owns the most fear street novels I've ever seen. More than the store. But even if you only have a large tupperware box full of fear streets that you collected from your sophisticated older sisters like my young friend Nima E., its ok because Jerry will let you borrow any of hers. She is like a RL Stine novel/crappy video library. 10/10. (Body Count=bangin)

Blind Date 'She's special. Wicked special.'
So, RL starts off by telling us which celebrity the main character looks like, which is Ralph Maccio. Ralph is cute but everyone hates him cause hes new and he just broke the star quarterback's leg. Right before the big game! He feels like such an asshole. But then this girl whos got the sexiest voice hes ever heard keeps calling him and can you believe it? She wants to go on a real date! "She probably wouldn't want to go all the way until after the movie but he could understand that. He liked a girl with some of the old fashioned values." She's weird but shes so 'sexy' he cant keep away. He really likes it when she kisses him 'hungrily'? And she wears purple lipstick and a purple smock everyday. Why? I cant say. Just read it and youll find out. 8/10. (Body Count=1)

Spotlight on a Fan
Gaku dwells deep in the countryside of Japan. He is a very sweet and bright young lady. He learned english from Fear Street novels such as Surprise Party, All Night Party, Beach Party and Party Summer. Therefore he is a dynamic speaker and I enjoy talking to him and I love him! 10/10. (Body Count=triple dipple tried and true)

The Face
This book is sooooo good!!! The main character is a girl who can't remember this wildly traumatic event that all her friends are waiting for her to remember. Sometimes her hand goes out of control like that one movie idle hand. anyway, her hand keeps drawing this face of this dude that she doesnt know. eventually theres this part where they go skiing, you know like a ski party, and then some stuff goes down and youre like 'this book rules!' 10/10 (Body Count=3?)

Spotlight on a Fan
Margiggle Margoo is from the land of Moochie. She's basically my favorite cybergoth and her favorite Stiner is Bad Moonlight because its about being a rocker and going on tour and rocking out and eating raw meat with your aunt. 100/10 (Body Count= <3 most outa control hottie!)