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Go Figure
some people like to read about high risk adventures but they dont like to have them. but i like to build adobe walls with doo doo in my bare hand and i dont like to read about it.

Boy Trouble
scully called mulder and said 'hey. whats up?' in a casual manner. he replied breathily 'well theres this weird stuff i want to check out so you better come in.' but she was all 'well i dont even believe in paranormal and im real tired' 'well why dont you just have your boyfriend carry you in dana?' mulder responded bewilderedly. he really knew he was asking for it when he said that. she was so mad that she said 'hes not my boyfriend!' i cant believe she told him off like that. but mulder thought you sure hold each other a lot for people who arent even boyfriend and girlfriend. and then i said 'thats a good point mulder.'

this story sucked so i deleted it.

IE "Party in the 909" TOTALLYMAG.TK

E&E "Tie Your Shoes"


Jesus Girls (edited by Flipy)

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